Two Weeks On

Two weeks on from MAD Clyde, we still sit back and feel like pinching ourselves. I mean: events never go this smoothly, it’s just a fact. As organiser, we were resolved to deal with at least one of the thousand worst case scenarios that we had mulled over and over in run up to the event. At the very least, MAD Clyde being an outdoor event in Scotland, we were expecting some grief with the weather. Yet everything about MAD Clyde was absolutely amazing, and even the sun was in attendance all day.

The main reason this event was so great was, of course, down to our dear MAD participants, who braved blisters and fatigue to waddle over that finish line victorious!

Here are a few facts and figures about what was achieved thanks to the strength of determination of the 32 individuals who walked the Clyde walkway this Earth Day:

Thanks again for this great collective effort. We are looking forward to growing and delivering ever MADder events to enable you to challenge yourself in strange new ways!