MAD Seat – Coming Soon!

This Friday, June 9th, we’ll be launching signups for our next challenge, MAD Seat – a gruelling 24 hours of hiking up and down Arthur’s Seat! As far as we can tell, no one has created an event like this before, so we’re rather excited!

Most people who’ve visited Edinburgh have either climbed the Seat or put it somewhere on their ‘to-do’ list. And it’s easy to see why: its majestic rocky features stand proudly on the skyline, offering up a decent hike and some truly tantalizing views of the city, sea and surrounding landscape. But we’re willing to bet that not so many have wondered what it’d be like to hike up and down for a whole day, just to see how many times they could do it, let alone actually tried it…

Well, we were mad enough to wonder just that and to give it a go! Last year we ran a pilot event just to see what it was like… We’re not going to lie, it was tough; a lot tougher than we expected in fact. But you know what they say – whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Okay, maybe that’s not always the best rule to live by, but we certainly felt a whole lot stronger afterwards, both physically and mentally (once we had recovered…). And it was such a great experience having so many supporters bringing coffee, cake and chat that we thought that this event was too good not to share!

So this year we’re making it bigger and better – we want more participants, more supporters, more ascents, and, of course, we want to see someone to set a massive new record!

Signups go live this Friday so be sure to visit our website or Facebook page to secure a place before they’re gone!