MAD Seat 2017

MAD Seat 2017 | 28th – 29th July


We are thrilled to share that signups for MAD Seat 2017 are live! Now in its 2nd year, this time the event is bigger and bolder. Dare to join us?

Sign up here

The concept behind MAD Seat is simple…

It’s a straightforward question that requires physical endurance, mental stamina and a whole lot of ups and downs to answer. Starting 8pm on Friday night, our MAD Seat challengers will walk through dusk, dawn and a whole new day, with a new champion recognised at our base camp on Saturday at 8pm.

As always, we have three different challenges to pick from, so whatever your fitness level, there’s something for you. Pick from the following challenges, grab your friends and get climbing!

MAD Starter

6 Hours

 Join us for the final push starting at 2pm.

Mad Mover

12 Hours

Rise and shine early for an 8am start.

MAD master

24 Hours

Go for the record starting at 8pm the night before.

What’s the record?

Last year the incredible Andrew Rigg managed to conquer the Seat 41 times in 24 hours. This year, however, we’re using a slightly different route, so a new record is waiting to be set… Fancy your chances?

The 2016 group completed 157 ascents in the 24 hours. This massive achievement is the equivalent of climbing from the surface of Earth to the ozone layer and back again!

As MAD Seat returns, we thought it was time to set a new target and push ourselves even further. So, for 2017 we’re aiming for over 500 ascents by the group and to reach our goal, we need all the help we can get…

So, whether you’re a seasoned Edinburgh-goer who has climbed the Seat countless times, you’ve never been near it before, or it brings back memories of your student days and a freshers week adventure to see the sunrise, we want you!

You can sign up by clicking the link above and we look forward to seeing you soon. Fingers crossed for good weather, strong legs and a new record!