Enduring Endurance

    So you’ve signed up for an endurance event. Perhaps you want to test yourself, see how far you can go? Perhaps you’ve lost a bet? Or maybe you just fancy losing a few toenails? Whatever your reason, congrats for even considering it! You’re over halfway there. Endurance events are incredible. The battle between mind and body is intriguing […]

A Big MAD Dream

My love for the outdoors is a long founded one. Growing up in the Scottish countryside, I always enjoyed exploring mysurroundings and learning why the landscape looks the way it does, lumps, bumps and dips included. This played a big part in my decision to study Geography at university where I gained a different understanding of our landscape; learning the […]

MAD Beginnings

MAD Challenges was a ridiculous idea that turned into a “one-off” event, which turned into a project with big ambitions… It began with a simple question: “What can I do to get sponsorship that will get peoples’ attention?” The primer for this was a new organisation I had just been introduced to – Do Nation – that has created a […]