Join us on Saturday 22nd April and challenge your limits on a weighted trek along the Clyde Walkway.


How MAD are you? Pick the challenge that works for you and we’ll see you at the finish line!


MAD Starter

A taste of Madness: 8 miles in 3 hours. 

 6PM – Cambuslang

Mad Mover

A proper MAD challenge: 19 miles in 6 hours.

3PM – Strathclyde Country Park

MAD master

For only the MADdest challengers: 35 miles in 12 hours.

9AM – Falls of Clyde Visitor Centre.

But the Madness doesn’t stop there… You’ll also have 6kg of water to carry too!


At an average walking speed (3mph) these start times leave little room for slacking to be at the finish line for 9PM. With added weight and potential navigational errors, you have yourself a MAD Challenge…


Want to get involved but don’t fancy taking part?


Volunteering Opportunities


A different kind of Sponsorship

We work with Do Nation – an online platform for collecting sponsorship in the form of pledges to change habits, rather than money.

Your Do Nation donors can choose the actions and the level of commitment – let them know there’s no cost, and their actions produce a direct benefit to themselves and Scotland!


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